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This page presents final reports, presentations and abstracts from ESA contracts or internal studies led by or in cooperation with the Microelectronics section.

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Presentation Days are organised in order to stimulate the exchange between our various partners in industry and at ESA, and to inform them about the activities where we are involved into.

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* ESA IP Cores Workshop 2005 (15. June 2005)
* Microelectronics Presentation Days (4th and 5th February 2004, pdf version)
* Microelectronics Final Presentation Days (6 and 7 March 2001)

Final Reports

The following is a list of final deliverables (final or other important reports, executive summaries) of ESA contracts, led by the section

Report   DescriptionContractor/Date
CLP-Phase1-EXEC4000107720/12/NL/LvH: Control Loop Processor (CLP) Phase 1, Architectural Design, Executive SummarySABCA, 2012-2016
GR740 (NGMP) Engineering Models2000113922/15/NL/LF: Manufacturing and Validation of NGMP/GR740 Engineering Models Cobham Gaisler, 2015-2016
NGMP Development 22279/09/NL/JK: NGMP/GR740 Architectural Design, Detailed Design and Layout Cobham Gaisler, 2009-2015
VIPC22043/08/NL/JK: VHDL IP Cores (EFSM = Embedded File System Manager) and AMEMCTL (DDR2/Flash memory controller) Syderal, 2008-2014
NGFP-Development18533/04/NL/JD, COO5: Manufacture and Validation of the NGMP LEON4FT Multiprocessor Prototype DeviceGaisler Research, 2012-2013
LEON2FT-Support218533/04/NL/JD, COO4: Maintenance and Support of LEON2FT, namely during AT697F developmentGaisler Research, 2006-2007
GINA-Development18533/04/NL/JD, COO3: Development of LEON3-FT-MP (GINA)Gaisler Research, May 2006
AT697E-Validation18533/04/NL/JD, COO2: Validation of AT697EGaisler Research, Oct. 2005
LEON2FT-Support118533/04/NL/JD, COO1: Maintenance and Support of LEON2FTGaisler Research, 2004-2006
SCOC3Spacecraft Controller On-a Chip Design, Manufacturing and Validation - Executive Summary ReportAstrium Elancourt, Jan 2013
SCOC3Spacecraft Controller On-a Chip Single Event Effect Test Summary Astrium Elancourt, Feb 2013
SCOC3Spacecraft Controller On-a Chip Design, Manufacturing and Validation - Final PresentationAstrium Elancourt, Dec. 2012
AT697FDevelopment of the AT697F flight models based on the LEON2-FT VHDL model, Executive SummaryAtmel, August 2012
SCOC3Spacecraft Controller On-a Chip Architectural DesignAstrium Velizy, April 2010
HIFASHighly Integrated Full-custom Autocorrelation SpectrometerOmnisys, December 2009
Validation80S32Validation of the 80S32 MicrocontrollerIntegrated Systems Development (ISD), July 2009
FLIPPERA fault injection system to investigate the SEU effects on designs implemented in SRAM based FPGAUniversity of Milano (IASF), Jan. 2009
FT-Unshades ExperienceFT-Unshades SEU Emulations to the LEON2 processor, comparing the unprotected version, the LEON2-FT (fault-tolerance in source code) and a version protected by Xilinx TMR toolUniversity of Seville, Feb 2006
Flexwave-IIDevelopment of a Wavelet Image Compression IP and Implementation on an FPGA Demonstrator boardIMEC, Belgium, August 2005
IRIS3Development of a Rad-Hard CMOS Image Sensor and an Integrated MicrocameraIMEC, Belgium, August 2005
HSDEMA high-speed digital modulator has been developed under the ARTES 3 program. An Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) of the modulator was successfully built and tested.ComDev, Canada, July 2005
AT697E ValidationAtmel AT697E validation reportGaisler Research, June 2005
FT-UNSHADESSEU Fault-Tolerance Validation of ASIC designs by fault injection using an SRAM based FPGAUniversity of Seville, May 2005
ACSA full-custom Autocorrelation Spectrometer Chipset, comprising a bipolar 3-level quantiser, a 128-channel and a 1024-channel correlator chip, both in CMOS.Omnisys, Sweden, March 2005
HBRISC2Final Presentation of the Integrated Motor Controller for MechanismsSabca, December 2004
DAREDesign Against Radiation Effects - Analysis and validation of the possibility to use a commercial standard technology of which radiation withstanding could be improved by design, at library level.IMEC, Alcatel Space, November 2004
SCOCSpacecraft Controller On-a Chip - Definition, development and demonstration on FPGA of a complex System-On-Chip device (other documents/presentations)EADS-Astrium Velizy, June 2004
LEONUMCDevelopment and SEU testing of the LEON2FT processor in commercial UMC 0.18um technologyIMEC, ESA internal, Gaisler Research, May 2004
BroadCast A flexible modem platform serving WCDMA- like and related communications needs has been designed, implemented and thoroughly tested in the field.Sirius/Agilent (B), May 2003.
ChipSatA System-on-a-Chip for Small Satellite Data Processing and ControlSurrey Space Centre (UK), March 2003
T@MPOA High Throughput Turbo Codec at Minimum PowerIMEC (B), February 2003
GNSS Front-EndFeasibility Study for a low risk, low cost, low power fully integrated front end in deep-sub-micron CMOS. ChipIdea (Portugal), Jan. 2003
SRAM based FPGAThe Use of SRAM Based FPGA in Space. Several documents are the output of this study contract.Gaisler Research (S), 2002
MSREMMiniaturised Standard Radiation Environment MonitorContraves (CH), August 2002
FFASICFixed Function ASICs: Radiation-Hardened by design on deep-submicron commercial technologyIMEC (B), April 2002
80S32Microcontroller 80S32 for On-Board Data HandlingADV/Transwitch (F), July 2001
RHBDCircumventing Radations Effects by Logic DesignAstrium SAS (F) and IMEC (B), May 2001

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