ESA Microelectronics Section

MPSA - Microprocessors for Space Applications Roundtable - 04. November 2009

This page contains the schedule and abstracts for the workshop.

09:00WelcomeP.Armbruster, ESA
Session 1ESA Supported General Purpose Standard Microprocessors
09:10IntroductionR. Weigand, ESAAbstractSlides
09:25Atmel Microprocessor Product FamilyGuy Mantelet, AtmelAbstractSlides
09:45Spacewire Remote Terminal ControllerJorgen Ilstad, ESAAbstractSlides
10:00Next Generation Multi-Purpose MicroprocessorJiri Gaisler, Aeroflex-GaislerAbstractSlides
10:20Spacecraft Controller On a Chip with LEON3-FT (SCOC3)Franck Koebel, Astrium ElancourtAbstractSlides
10:40Software Development Tools synthesisK.Hjortnaes, ESA Slides
11:00Coffee Break
Session 2Use of Microprocessors in European Space On Board Computers: present and future scenarios
11:15IntroductionA. Fernandez Leon, ESA Slides
11:30The RUAG experience and development strategyRUAG Slides
11:50The Astrium experience and development strategyAstrium Slides
12:10The TAS experience and development strategyTAS Slides
12:30The Syderal experience and development strategySyderalAbstractSlides
Session 3New Development & Investigation Areas
14:00HW & New related technology developmentsG.Magistrati, ESA Slides
SW & New related technology developmentsK.Hjortnaes, ESA Slides
14:40Next Generation Digital Signal Processors for Space ApplicationsR.Trautner, ESAAbstractSlides
15:00SHARC(TM) Digital Signal Processor Core Technology and the Flexibility to Use for Custom IntegrationAshok Balivada, Analog DevicesAbstractSlides
15:15Possibilities for NGDSP implementation based on ATMEL DSP IPGuy Mantelet, AtmelAbstractSlides
15:30TI DSP Products for the Space MarketYannis Tsikouris -Willgers, Texas InstrumentsAbstractSlides
15:45High integration Digital Control Module - Control Loop ProcessorMarco Ruiz, SABCAAbstractSlides
16:05Coffee Break
16:20Use of Cots Processors in spaceC.Monteleone, ESA Slides
16:40Round Table & Summary of the WorkshopAll

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