ESA Microelectronics Section

The purpose of this information is to provide technical information about components, ASIC design, VHDL simulation and related issues. It is the intention that the information shall be practical and directly useful to Industry for designing spacecraft electronics, under ESA contracts as well as in the commercial market.

* News
News in Space Microelectronics

* GR740: The ESA Next Generation General purpose Microprocessor (NGMP)
Development of the Next Generation General purpose Microprocessor

* Microelectronics Technologies for Space
Activities aiming to ensure the availability of ASIC and FPGA Technologies for space use.

* Microelectronics Development Methodology
ASIC and FPGA design methodology and tools for space applications.

The IP-Core portfolio offered by ESA to users in the Member States.

* System-On-Chip
Activities related to System-On-Chip (SOC) design.

* Space Components
Information related to integrated circuits for space.

* Final Reports and Presentations
Final reports, presentations and abstracts from contracts handled by our section.

* Papers, Trainee and YGT Reports
This page presents various papers, trainee and YGT reports

* ERC32 page
This page presents legacy and complementary documentation for ERC32 chip set and single chip

* Links
Links to other sites related to Space Microelectronics

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