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ERC32 is a radiation-tolerant SPARC V7 processor developed for space applications. Two versions have been manufactured by TEMIC (now Atmel), the ERC32 (3-) Chip Set, and the ERC32 Single Chip.

The ERC32 Chip Set

The ERC32 Chip Set (TSC691, TSC692, TSC693) is now obsolete, and support has been discontinued by Atmel. For legacy applications, the following documentation is available:

Proceedings of the ERC32 chipset evaluation workshop at ESTEC, 28. January 1998

The ERC32 Single Chip

The ERC32 Single Chip is available from Atmel under the product code TSC695F. Support and documentation is available from the following sources:

Miscellaneous documentation related to ERC32

The following supporting documents are provided

Behavioural Simulation Model (User Manual) -- not synthesisable!

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